Poetry in an NYC Subway

I spotted this poem in New York, in a subway. I liked it (and still like it) even though I'm not a poetry fan. I hope you will like it, too.


Meeting Jessica

Summer 2016 One day I had a dream and wanted to fulfill it. I know how difficult it is to make your dreams come true. But, it's possible. I met Jessica on the EC (English Cafe) in 2009. She was the first person who greeted me there. It was nice. Since then we knew each other …

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Learn English During A Walk

Hi Today I want to share with you the next amazing experience which I had during my summer vacation in the US. It was in Baltimore. I had a nice walk with my friend. We decided to walk through a nice park on a pier. In this park, there was a very interesting path. We …

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English In Real Situations

Hi   Today I want to share with you a few of my thoughts about learning and practicing English. I've been learning English for a few years and now I have a chance to use it in many real situations. For me, it is a great experience and a big real lesson. When you study …

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My First Impression Of The USA

Hi All As some of you know, I'm spending my summer vacation in the USA. After one week here I decided to share my first thoughts about living here.What I like here: It's difficult not to smile here. On streets, when you visit shops o enter shops every person smiles. You hear everywhere: "hi, how …

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