English In Real Situations

Hi  :-)

Today I want to share with you a few of my thoughts about learning and practicing English.

I’ve been learning English for a few years and now I have a chance to use it in many real situations. For me, it is a great experience and a big real lesson.
When you study English at language schools, when you learn it on-line you may sometimes cheat a bit. You may use a dictionary, you have more time to give an answer, you may postpone your class to have more time to prepare yourself for a class. And after a class, you stop using English and may come back to your native language.

In real situations, I must be focused on using English for the whole time.
I don’t have a chance to cheat. Everyone expects quick answers, everyone expects I understand everything and I will react quickly.

At the beginning, it was very stressful to me. When I got stuck I could ask for a repetition or for an explanation. People are very helpful and for them, it was not a problem to repeat or explain something again.
When I am somewhere with my friends I know I can always count on them and ask for help. It really helps in some situations. When I am alone, some situations are crazy but I have to deal with them to survive.

A few days ago I had a really stressful situation. I tried to buy post cards.
A nice lady said something to me, and she repeated this a few times and I wasn’t able to understand her. I thought I did something wrong, or I didn’t pay as much money as I should. I was a quite lucky person because close to me was Holly. So, the only thing that came to my mind was a beg = “Holly, please help me.”
For me, it wasn’t funny, but the nice lady tried to be funny and she said a joke.

Now most things are easier to understand. I feel I use English more confidently. I know that I still make many mistakes and I don’t understand everything but using English becomes more and more natural than a few weeks ago.

I’m very happy that I could was able to practice my English on LEWWWP because now I may communicate without huge problems with people for whom English is their mother language.

If you ever would have a chance to travel to English speaking country, I hope you use that chance. This is a totally different experience than using English only in a classroom.

I’ve learned so many things.
Every day here is a priceless lesson for me. And I don’t regret any minute that I’ve spent here.



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