Come on, don't make a mountain out of a molehill. It's not that important. A molehill is something small: A mountain is huge: When you make a huge problem from a tiny challenge ... When you overreact ... When you escalate a small problem into a larger one ... When you cause something simple to seem much more …

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tilt at windmill

Have you ever tilted at windmills? Do you know Don Quixote? What have you noticed about Don Quixote? He fought with invisible enemies. He wasted his time to attack imaginary enemies. The most recognizable Don Quixote's battle was the battle against windmills. When you fight battles with imaginary enemies ... When you fight battles which cannot be …

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Learn English During A Walk

Hi Today I want to share with you the next amazing experience which I had during my summer vacation in the US. It was in Baltimore. I had a nice walk with my friend. We decided to walk through a nice park on a pier. In this park, there was a very interesting path. We …

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Space jump for dreams

Felix Baumgartner- do you know who he is? Felix is a man who comes from Austria, loves skydiving and expanding many boundaries. He fights for his dreams and tries to fulfill them. October 14, 2012 - the next important date in a Felix's calendar - he fulfilled his next dream. He wanted to jump from the …

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85 sentences

What do you do to improve your English? How do you practice your English every day? I want to share one tip with you but must start the whole story from the beginning. A few weeks ago, during one of my English classes I made a few similar mistakes. A teacher said in jest that I …

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Ask, Answer, Discuss – Clothes

People behave differently when they wear different clothes. Each of us likes wearing favorite clothes. Unfortunately, sometimes it is impossible, and we have to wear other shirts, pants than we like. There are many reasons why people behave differently according to the situation. People behave in a different way at work, at school, or when …

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Ask, Answer, Discuss – News Editor

News editors decide what to broadcast on TV and what to print in newspapers. What factors do you think influence their decisions? Use specific reasons, details, examples in your response. In today's mostly digital world, where each news spread very quickly, news editor work is challenging. Selection of appropriate news might gather a wider audience, but …

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