Christmas Eve

Christmas is coming, so I want to tell you a few words about this holiday. In Poland we begin Christmas season on December 24th. That day is the most important day for many of us. December 24th is almost a typical work day, but on the other hand everyone wants to spend this day at …

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Do you believe in Santa Claus?

Who is Santa Claus? Many people will answer that Santa Claus is an old fat man who wears a red - white suit, has a long white beard, and brings presents on Christmas. Hmm, I may agree with this description, but ... On December 6th, in Poland, we celebrate the Saint Nicholas' Day. This is …

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Donuts day / Fatty Thursday

I love donuts, what about you? In my country (Poland), there is one beautiful day for some people who love donuts. We call it Fatty Thursday. Fatty Thursday is the last Thursday before the Lent. It's a day on which everyone has to eat at least one donut. You can buy donuts with different fillings I prefer …

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