Changing time

Daylight saving time, summer time, winter time – are you familiar with these names?

These are terms I hate to implement to my life.

Do you change time in your country twice a year? I do.

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At least now I don’t have to do it as that man because ‘smart’ devices do it by themselves.

But, I don’t understand the reasons why I/we should change the time. I’m sick for the week after changing time.

I don’t see lower bills, I don’t notice the longer work-days. I only see many disadvantages of changing time – higher bills for electricity, shorter days for me, my body and mind must change their daily habits.

In October, many of my friends are happy that they will sleep one hour longer, but I will have to turn on my lights earlier. I need lights to feel well during the day.

The changing time for winter is not as painful for me as the changing the time for summer.

Many scientists say that to change one time-zone, our body will need one day to deal with it. Really? I need at least one week.

I hate both of these changes

What do you think about changing time?

Do you like it?

Do you wake up in the middle of the night to shift your clocks??

Now we have electricity almost everywhere, people work a bit different than hundred years ago. Some factories work 24/7, so I know people who start their work at midnight, 2 am, or 4 am. So, for them the time change means nothing. Once a year they must work longer. Yeah, I know you say that once a year they work one hour less. But, is it needed?

Many people get stuck in trains, on airports. Sometimes we experience weird things because things written in ‘important’ documents are more important than reality – have you heard real stories about twins who were born during time change? The older is younger than the second one, just because of the hour in papers.

Mental health, physical health is not important to our politics – they also don’t have strong and valid arguments about keeping this crazy time changing. So, why are they so stubborn to keep it?

Maybe you can help me to understand that craziness.


One thought on “Changing time

  1. Ada

    Joanna, I agree with you. I also don’t like the changing time.
    I don’t see how this makes sense. I can’t help you to understand that craziness, but you can be sure that you are not alone in this quandary 😉

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