Cats in the cradle

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Cats in the Cradle is not new song, but it still wins the hears of many people today.

It talks about the relationship between the father and his son. It often happens when they want to spend some time together but one of them is busy.

Are you busy?

Do you spend time with your children, with your parents?

When you were younger, did your parents have time to play with you?

Promises, excuses, and a lot of different topics to talk about after listening to this song.


What other questions do you want to ask after listening to Cats in the Cradle?

After adding this post, I decided to phone to my dad.

I spend time with parents. Sometimes I have more fun with my mom, sometimes I have more fun with my dad.

When I was a kid, my dad had a shift work. So, often he had little time to spend with my brother and me. When I had time to play, he was at work. When he had time for us, we were at school, or we slept. But, he was a soccer referee. I remember that almost every Sunday he took me to soccer matches. Of course I didn’t spend time with him because he was busy on a soccer field; instead I spent time with his friends. Maybe this is a reason why I like soccer now. I know about this sport everything, I know its rules, its good and bad sides. And it’s unusual for many women in my country. Now I love watching soccer with my dad. According to my mom we talk in a foreign language when we watch soccer matches. She always leaves us alone, and spends this time in another room.

My dad is my hero when I have problems with my car. He is the first person I phone when my car doesn’t behave correctly. But sometimes I must confess I’m too busy for him. Sometimes when he calls I tell him that I can’t talk, or that I will not be able to come to visit him, to help him. I always feel guilty when he needs me and I don’t find time for him. However, I always try to recompense him for my absence and no-time for him.



2 thoughts on “Cats in the cradle

  1. Ada

    You’ve described an interesting topic.
    When we were a child our parents were busy at work but now, when our parents are retired we are busy. Sometimes we are so much busy with our job that we don’t have time to visit or even call them. Roles are reversed.
    When I went to school my father helped me to do homework. We often played in board games in his spare time.
    When I bought my flat a few years ago my, father repaired it. I always try to find a moment to visit my parents in spite of this isn’t always possible.

    1. Yes, you are right. Our roles have reversed. It has some advantages, but probably our parents think it has only disadvantages.
      Unfortunately, life is cruel and it’s impossible to please everyone.

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