My Angels – update

Angels don't worry about you... They believe in you. My Angels Today I decided to show you the updated collection of my Angels.


It’s me and I’m not going to change …

i'm a big girl don't tell me what i should say i'm a big girl don't tell me how i should behave your words hurt me i cannot say anything if i did you claim i hurt you and your feelings i must rethink each of my words you don't you say they hurt you …

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February’s quote

Do you like quotes? I do. Some of them give me the courage to do the next step, some of them cheer me up, other bring happy memories. Above my desk, I have a calendar with quotes. I like the quote for February: Sunsets are the proof that each day might finish in a happy/cheerful/thrilling/awesome way.  …

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Abc (math)

Angle between cubes divide empty finite group hiding imaginary jaunt keeping local mixed nasty octahedron permute quadric radius significant theorem unbiased vanishing wave xenophobic yeast zeroize.


Dreams, part 1- time

Let's talk about dreams and time which you need to fulfill some of them. dream (verb) = to desire something very much and hope that it happens dream (noun) = an event or condition that you hope for very much, although it is not likely to happen Do you have dreams? What do you do …

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