My Angels – update

Angels don't worry about you... They believe in you. My Angels Today I decided to show you the updated collection of my Angels.


The importance of the last sentence

When I visit a bookstore and think which books I should buy, I often read the last sentence in a book. Sometimes the last sentence encourages me to buy a book, sometimes it may discourage me from buying it. Some of my friends say that the first sentence in a book is very important. Hmmm …

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It’s me and I’m not going to change …

i'm a big girl don't tell me what i should say i'm a big girl don't tell me how i should behave your words hurt me i cannot say anything if i did you claim i hurt you and your feelings i must rethink each of my words you don't you say they hurt you …

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Changing time

Daylight saving time, summer time, winter time - are you familiar with these names? These are terms I hate to implement to my life. Do you change time in your country twice a year? I do. At least now I don't have to do it as that man because 'smart' devices do it by themselves. …

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Come on, don't make a mountain out of a molehill. It's not that important. A molehill is something small: A mountain is huge: When you make a huge problem from a tiny challenge ... When you overreact ... When you escalate a small problem into a larger one ... When you cause something simple to seem much more …

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Poetry in an NYC Subway

I spotted this poem in New York, in a subway. I liked it (and still like it) even though I'm not a poetry fan. I hope you will like it, too.


Pen or Pencil

Pen or pencil - which one did you use when you were at school? If you are still a student, which one do you use now? As a math teacher, I often hear that it's weird that my students use pens during my classes. I know that using pencils might be better during classes because you …

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