tilt at windmill

Have you ever tilted at windmills?


Do you know Don Quixote?

Image result for tilt at windmills don quixote

What have you noticed about Don Quixote?

He fought with invisible enemies. He wasted his time to attack imaginary enemies. The most recognizable Don Quixote’s battle was the battle against windmills.

When you fight battles with imaginary enemies …

When you fight battles which cannot be win …

When you waste time trying to deal with enemies or problems that do not exist …

You tilt at windmills.

Now you may answer my first question.Smile.gif


5 thoughts on “tilt at windmill

      1. nice! where were you about 10 or 20 years ago when i first started wondering this?

        incidentally the windmill im tilting at today is nasas desire to change the definition of “planet” every 10-20 years. at this rate the sun will be a planet, too. oprah can give planets to everybody *grumble* i mean its hard enough to learn the names of all 50 states!

      2. 20 years ago I was at the beginning of a road called “learning English”, so I wouldn’t help you much with that challenge.
        Planets – yeah, it’s fun to explain to some kids that some information from XX century are no longer true. I feel that I’m tilting the windmill often.

      3. i think its rude and obnoxious. einstein didnt come out and say “you know what? it turns out newtons laws of motion arent what we thought. so here are newtons laws of motion, which ive changed after consulting with the national science foundation.” no, he said “this is my own law of relativity.” and even though it changed the world forever, newtons laws didnt– they still work in many contexts.

        compare this to some guy from nasa who says “hey, from now on lets call other things planets. that wont bother anything unnecessarily.” really now, what does it actually accomplish? and to change the definition of something on the scale of a planet– twice in one lifetime. there needs to be a good enough reason. otherwise, why not just call all celestial bodies “aladeens?”

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