Pen or Pencil

Pen or pencil - which one did you use when you were at school? If you are still a student, which one do you use now? As a math teacher, I often hear that it's weird that my students use pens during my classes. I know that using pencils might be better during classes because you …

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Dreams, part 2 = money

Do all you can to make your dreams come true. I'm going to talk again with you about dreams. But, today I'm going to focus on money. money (noun) = the coins or bills with their value on them that are used to buy things I know that I need money to fulfill many of …

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Dreams, part 1- time

Let's talk about dreams and time which you need to fulfill some of them. dream (verb) = to desire something very much and hope that it happens dream (noun) = an event or condition that you hope for very much, although it is not likely to happen Do you have dreams? What do you do …

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Space jump for dreams

Felix Baumgartner- do you know who he is? Felix is a man who comes from Austria, loves skydiving and expanding many boundaries. He fights for his dreams and tries to fulfill them. October 14, 2012 - the next important date in a Felix's calendar - he fulfilled his next dream. He wanted to jump from the …

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Do you believe in Santa Claus?

Who is Santa Claus? Many people will answer that Santa Claus is an old fat man who wears a red - white suit, has a long white beard, and brings presents on Christmas. Hmm, I may agree with this description, but ... On December 6th, in Poland, we celebrate the Saint Nicholas' Day. This is …

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