The importance of the last sentence

When I visit a bookstore and think which books I should buy, I often read the last sentence in a book. Sometimes the last sentence encourages me to buy a book, sometimes it may discourage me from buying it. Some of my friends say that the first sentence in a book is very important. Hmmm …

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Changing time

Daylight saving time, summer time, winter time - are you familiar with these names? These are terms I hate to implement to my life. Do you change time in your country twice a year? I do. At least now I don't have to do it as that man because 'smart' devices do it by themselves. …

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Donuts day / Fatty Thursday

I love donuts, what about you? In my country (Poland), there is one beautiful day for some people who love donuts. We call it Fatty Thursday. Fatty Thursday is the last Thursday before the Lent. It's a day on which everyone has to eat at least one donut. You can buy donuts with different fillings I prefer …

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