Meeting Jessica

Summer 2016

One day I had a dream and wanted to fulfill it. I know how difficult it is to make your dreams come true. But, it’s possible.

I met Jessica on the EC (English Cafe) in 2009. She was the first person who greeted me there. It was nice. Since then we knew each other only on-line. So, one day I had a thought that it would be great to meet Jessica in person. And this year, I did it.

GBB park

I hope some of you know Jessica, if not, it’s the high time you did.

I started my summer vacation at the end of June from San Francisco. Jessica did something amazing, she picked me up from the airport and gave a ride to my hotel. I’m so grateful for it. I was after almost a 12-hour flight from Europe. I was exhausted in a strange city. However, Jessica tried to do her best and I felt awesome for the whole my visit in San Francisco.

Jessica spent with me many great moments. A few times a day she sent me suggestions about interesting places to visit and/or interesting meals I should try.

At the Fisherman’s Wharf I tried clam chowder (yummy soup in a bread):

Pier 39

I’m not the fish fan, but during my visit in the US, I’m in an adventure mood, so I try different types of food. Jessica took me to the Sushi Boat bar. It was an interesting experience. From small boats that float near us, we took plates with sushi.


During one of our walks we saw many squirrels, and unfortunately, they were quite fat (I guess people feed them, and it’s not good for squirrels’ health):

GBB park

Jessica took me to the Rose Garden in the Golden Bridge Park. We found many interesting roses, tried to smell almost every rose. One of them was amazing because of its smell, but also because of its look:

GBB park

In san Francisco on some streets, you can find interesting murals. I had a chance to visit one of these streets, and of course, Jessica showed me it. (Without Jessica I would not see many interesting places in SF.)


I also had a chance to admire San Francisco from the Treasure Island:


And on July 4th Jessica invited me to spend the day with her and her family. We observed the July 4th parade, spent the whole day together, and in the evening we went to admire fireworks.

July 4th

July 4th

I had really amazing time. Jessica sacrificed so much of her precious time. She has a family. She had to be at work. But, she still was able to find time to meet with me and show as much as possible, tell me about some interesting places in San Francisco.

It gives me also hope about members here. You know people only from their stories which they share with you on this site. But, one day you can meet them in person. Our community is awesome. I’m so grateful I’m a part of it.

I spent amazing few days in San Francisco and Jessica made them more amazing. She is awesome. I hope one day you’ll be able to meet Jessica in person.

Jessica, thank you for your time.



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