My First Impression Of The USA

Hi All :-)

As some of you know, I’m spending my summer vacation in the USA. After one week here I decided to share my first thoughts about living here.What I like here: It’s difficult not to smile here. On streets, when you visit shops o enter shops every person smiles. You hear everywhere: “hi, how are you?” I don’t know if it is a real or a fake behavior, however, it’s nice.I’m still learning to recognize money -I have a problem with choosing right coins. But, shop assistants are always helpful. They don’t hurry you up to count cents because of a long line behind you.When I want to cross a street, drivers often stops to allow you to cross a street.Bicycles are very popular in places I am now. Everywhere you may find places to leave your bicycles. It’s an easy and a cheap way to get to many places.In many places such as parks, offices, museums, etc. you may find special places to drink water. Because of high temperatures here (now is about 80F, 30C), you may feel quite safe. You may refill your bottle of water or just stop and drink.Every evening my friends take me to different restaurants to check different types of food. Here are many small restaurants with a buffet. So, we may eat what we want, and as much as we want for a quite reasonable price.Of course that I’ve found a few “I do not like” things/behaviors but for a while, I’m not going to describe them. Maybe in other places, in other cities, I’ll visit they are different. So, fir a while I want to have only positive and happy memories.PS. If you find misspelled words, I’m sorry. It’s quite challenging to write posts from a mobile phone.Stay tuned, more info and news soon.:-)


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