Dreams, part 1- time

Let’s talk about dreams and time which you need to fulfill some of them.

dream (verb) = to desire something very much and hope that it happens

dream (noun) = an event or condition that you hope for very much, although it is not likely to happen

Do you have dreams?

What do you do to fulfill them?

I have many dreams.

I need lots of time to fulfill many of them, and I also need money. But, should I give up because of the above (and very important) factors?

I know that many people give up, and they often complain that it is impossible to fulfill their dreams. Many people complain they need a few weeks, a year to achieve their goals.

I may understand these people, I may understand you want to give up on your dreams because you need time to fulfill them. But, do you think that giving up because of time is a wise decision?

One day I read a quote “Don’t give up on your dreams because you need time to fulfill them.

I totally agree with that quote, and it gave me some kind of a positive energy to wait for my dreams. But, it doesn’t mean that I only sit and wait.

A few years ago I was interested in becoming an examiner who decides whether or not many teachers should pass a teacher exam to achieve the next level of their teaching career. Among teachers we call these examiners “experts.”

In Poland teachers have a four-level career path. If you want to be a teacher, you have to achieve the first level – it takes one year, the first year of your work. But then you decide if you want to do the next steps.

Every level is connected with higher salary Grin.gif, and more responsibilities.

I achieved all four levels. After each level I had to pass an exam. During every exam different experts decided about me, about my future. And I realized that being “an expert” is a very interesting additional job. You must have wide knowledge, but you also learn lots of interesting things from every teacher who you examine. And, you also decide about the future of that teacher.

So, I read many documents, I wanted to know what I should do to become “an expert.” I thought it was an easy way to achieve that title. I was wrong.

First, I have to finish a special course. 102.gif

I sent my first application three years ago, three years – can you believe? But my name wasn’t on the attendee list.Frown.gif

Courses are every six months, so I tried and tried. I sent applications because I wanted to fulfill my dream.

In March I sent an application form again, and 113.gif , it was a happy day when I finally saw my name on the attendee list.

I waited three years to fulfill my dream, but it was worth the wait.

I hope I will be able to finish the course soon (the next Sunday) and pass an exam. Then I will need only to collect a few documents and I will have to wait for a Ministry of Education’s decision.

So, do you think that time is an important factor that may discourage you from fulfilling your dreams?

Now I know that in the meantime I may fulfill many smaller dreams, but it is worth waiting for something bigger.


The above example is one of examples of my waiting.

I hope you will hear from me soon, about my way to fulfill my next big dream.

So, don’t give up because you need time to fulfill your dreams. Smile.gif


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