Dreams, part 2 = money

Do all you can to make your dreams come true.

I’m going to talk again with you about dreams. But, today I’m going to focus on money.

money (noun) = the coins or bills with their value on them that are used to buy things

I know that I need money to fulfill many of my dreams.

A few years ago I complained that it is impossible to fulfill all of my dreams because I need lots of money and time to fulfill my dreams. I only complained without doing nothing. I had money but I spent them without thinking. Very often I behaved as a spoiled kid. During shopping I didn’t care what I buy, and how expensive some things were. So, no wonder I didn’t have money to fulfill my dreams.

But one day everything changed. I realized that without savings it is impossible to fulfill my dreams. I may complain, but I want to achieve something more than only sitting at home and complaining.

So, a few years ago I started saving money.

I know many people who only complain (like me a few years ago), and they say that they have families, lots of bills to pay, etc., etc. and they don’t believe that saving money is possible. I know that sometimes our lives are complicated with lots of unusual surprises and it may be impossible to save money because you have to only spend and spend money without earning it. But, that situation is not permanent. I believe one day you will be able to start saving money again.

My tips:

When I wander among shelves at shops, I really think whether or not I need this and that thing.

I check prices.

Very often cheaper things are better than very well known branded things which are of course much more expensive.

Before I go to the shop, I often check what things I need. I prepare a list of things to buy and buy only these things which I have on my list.

I’ve learned how to prepare yummy meals using things which I have at home. I stopped buying expensive ready meals which were delivered to me.

I’ve given up on many habits which I liked.

I no longer spend money to buy newspapers – I may read news on the Internet and may watch the news on TV.

Books (I love having my own books) – now I borrow many books from my friends.

Visiting cinemas – I love watching movies, but now I don’t visit the cinema every week. I do it every two/four months.

I have two additional saving-money accounts in my bank. And because I save money, and I transfer money to these accounts regularly, I receive money from my bank , so every month I receive a few cents. Only a few cents every month, but after the whole year, I received a big sum of money from my bank (I like my bank ).

Small steps every day and during every month I am able to save money which I need to fulfill my dreams.

So, stop complaining and try to do something to fulfill your dreams.

Step by Step

You may sit at home for the whole life and complain, and be envious that others do so many awesome things and they have amazing adventures. But a little effort from your side and your life may be much more colorful with fun adventures.

A few days ago I fulfilled one more dream from my dreams-to-fulfill list. Now I’m waiting to fulfill the next one. I’m counting days to have an awesome summer vacation with my friends.

My list with dreams to fulfill is longer and longer every day.

I need lots of money and lots of time, but I work hard to do everything to fulfill my dreams. And the most important thing I did a few years ago = I stopped complaining. It’s not helpful. I don’t need an additional distraction.

Believe me, it’s worth making a small effort every day to have amazing moments in beautiful places with amazing people.

What about you?




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