Friends – do we need them?

Who is a friend?

Do we really need a friend? Why???

It’s easy to have many friends when you are a happy person without problems. When you invite people to visit you, when they have fun with you, when you meet with these people during parties, when you share the happy news with people then around you are more and more ‘friends.’ But, are they your real friends?

Many people think they are very lucky because they know many people who are her/his friends. They think they will be never alone.

It’s a great feeling to have lots of friends, lots of people with whom you may share your happiness, with whom you may celebrate your success.

But, one day, within one minute everything may change in your life.

You may make not a popular decision, you want to be happy, you want to fulfill your own dreams, you may have problems, you may be ill, etc.

The word “happy” may have a different meaning for you, for your family and for your friends.

Decisions you make may be unpopular and some people may disagree with you.

Your problems – not everyone may understand you. Your significant one may tell you that your problems are silly, your family not always support you.

If you failed and didn’t pass an exam, didn’t receive a raise at work, didn’t win a game – then many “friends” start criticizing you. They tell you that you were too lazy, that you could make a bigger effort to achieve your goals. These people didn’t want to talk with you now because they think you are a loser.

Are these people your real friends? Have they ever been your friends?

So, how many friends do you have now?

Now you know who your real friends are.

A friend is a person who may don’t understand you but always support you.

A friend is a person who believes in you even if you stop believing in your own abilities.

A friend is a person who cares of you when you are unhappy because of many problems you have.

A friend is a person who is here when you need someone to share your thoughts.

A friend is a person who always finds time to listen to you, no matter what kind of news you want to share.

A friend is a person who is going to wait for you, no matter how long.


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