tilt at windmill

Have you ever tilted at windmills? Do you know Don Quixote? What have you noticed about Don Quixote? He fought with invisible enemies. He wasted his time to attack imaginary enemies. The most recognizable Don Quixote's battle was the battle against windmills. When you fight battles with imaginary enemies ... When you fight battles which cannot be …

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Cats in the cradle

Heart touching  Cats in the Cradle is not new song, but it still wins the hears of many people today. It talks about the relationship between the father and his son. It often happens when they want to spend some time together but one of them is busy. Are you busy? Do you spend time …

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Straying into Absurdity

Math is beautiful, and I love all its tricks. Today I want to prove that 2=1 Are you ready for my demonstration? I attended an online course and had to prepare a math presentation for that course. I hope you liked it. Any feedback will be valuable to me. Do you have any questions, comments?