February’s quote


Do you like quotes? I do. Some of them give me the courage to do the next step, some of them cheer me up, other bring happy memories.

Above my desk, I have a calendar with quotes. I like the quote for February:

Sunsets are the proof
that each day
might finish in
a happy/cheerful/thrilling/awesome way. 

At the beginning I thought, yeah, it’s another quote. But then I stopped and thought about many sunsets which I saw. Yes, they were really awesome. I found a few photos of sunsets which I caught during one of my summer vacation. I hope you will like these photos and these sunset(s) will calm you down a bit:


Each of us has weird days from time to time and we don’t see a hope for a better future. Since now I’ll try to see sunsets in a different way. They bring some hope.

I wish you better days and many amazing sunsets to watch/admire.


2 thoughts on “February’s quote

  1. Beautiful quote, Joanna, and the beautiful picture.
    I love sunsets and I love sunrises. These are the most breathtakingly beautiful moments we can see every day. And you are right, they bring us hope…

    1. I don’t have many chances to see sunrises. I saw a few of them recently when I entered the staff room – behind the school, there is a small forest, and it was a beautiful view to see a rising sun which sent happy rays through frozen trees’ branches. Maybe the next time I take a picture of this view.

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