New beginning …

One phone was enough to change my life.

Everything started on December 23, 2016. One phone call from my headmaster with information that in the other school they need a math teacher. And it would be a full-time job, with all benefits.

Should I take it? Should I refuse it? These were my thoughts. Knowing the future, I decided to meet with the new headmaster. I did it. And after a few minutes of talk, I was hired.

Instead of a winter break, I had many meetings, needed to prepare many documents. And I had to leave my classroom, clean my desk within a few hours. I was quite happy that the school was empty. I didn’t have to explain to everyone what happened.

But … it was quite a sad experience. I spent 15 years in that school. I left there a huge part of my life, of my heart. I met there amazing people, I met there my best friend (and she is still working there). I don’t want to remember bad moments, people who tried to destroy me.

In the meantime, I had to resign from my two other jobs. Many people were surprised because I disappeared in the middle of the school year. But, no one will care about me in May. I had to think about my future.

And my new beginning started on January 2, 2017.

A new school, new students, new colleagues, new responsibilities, and plenty of subjects which my mind need to refresh.

It’s difficult. After three days of that new work, I’m extremely tired with the thought – was it worth, did I do a correct move?

I try to find a common language with students. I try to know my new colleagues. I try to learn my new environment and the layout of everything.

It takes time and I know it will take lots of time.

However, I think good days will come.


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