What do you think about the word good? Is it bad to use the word sad?

I like making notes. On my desk, I have always a few sheets of paper and a pencil. I make notes while listening to music, watching movies, learning new vocabulary, review English grammar rules. I just love it.

A few month ago (almost a year ago) during one of my English classes my teacher asked me about avoiding using a few words. I still have a note which I made that day:

But why ?? I like the word good. Will anyone be sad if I use the word bad??

I really hesitated to find synonyms of above words. I wasn’t convinced that I shouldn’t use them. But, does a person who use English every day might be wrong, especially a teacher, an English teacher?

I was thinking and thinking, and one day I checked my dictionary and found a few synonyms. (I love the function “smart thesaurus” which has my English dictionary.)

This is my list:

good :

nice :

sad :

bad :

like :

great :

– well

– enjoyable

– lovely

– pleasant

– thrilling

– gifted

– talented

– right

– beneficial

– convenient

– valuable

– absolutely

– great

– real

– talented

– beautiful

– enjoyable

– fun

– glorious

– cheerful

– not happy

– blue

– depression

– down

– glum

– unhappy

– awful

– crummy

– poor

– terrible

– cheap

– dismal

– evil

– unpleasant

– love

– prefer

– adore

– excellent

– cool

– fantastic

– super

– terrific

I forgot for a while about this list, but a few days ago I found it among my paper notes, and it is again one of the most important notes on my desk.

I have a few pleasant memories connected with this list, and I hope I will able to add a few more synonyms to it 🙂

After preparing above list and started using it, I understood that repeating again, and again the same word isn’t good. If you want to thrive your English you should know a few synonyms of each word.

I discovered also that it’s fun to find synonyms and then use them correctly.

If you like the word good it’s not bad to use it, even if your teachers might be sad that you don’t want to listen to them and know/learn more. But it is a nice feeling when you can use a few words more instead of repeating still the same phrases. 🙂


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