One of my trips

Do you like taking trips?

I do, so whenever I have a chance I take them.

A few days ago my father asked me to go with him to his doctor. I agreed, especially that I had a few days free and didn’t have to work.

After seeing a doctor we decided to visit a few famous places close to the town where we were. My father also wanted to go shopping in the Czech Republic.

First, we drove to the small village, Krzeszow, to visit a very popular church in my area. Now it is even more than a church, this is the basilica – a more important place for most Christians. This basilica is inside the Benedictine Abbey. This is a great place to gather all of your thoughts. You can also collect some additional positive energy there.

Then my parents decided we should visit another small village to see the old houses of weavers. I was only their driver 🙂 So, we drove to Chelmsko Slaskie. A few years ago it was a town, but because the population of this town decreased it had to become a village. This is a very poor area, people don’t have jobs, so young people often decide to move to towns. However, this is a very nice village with a piece of history. You can visit weavers’ houses there, and see what equipment they had to use for preparing threads, linens.

All of the above places are near the border with the Czech Republic. My father likes their beer, so we drove for a quick shopping.

I remember staying in long queues to cross our border. Now I only saw the road sign to decrees my speed.

The road was empty, and we needed only our IDs just in case. The world is changing.

No police, no customs officers, no more fear to take this photo. A few years ago it was impossible.

Very often my trips are really amazing. And I’m happy that I still can spend some of my free times with my parents.


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