My Friend

It is difficult to be alone on this crazy world. We try to find someone, something that might brighten our days. Every day our path crosses many other paths. We meet new people, work with many of them. We share with some of them our daily problems, have fun, but we still don’t feel that the person is “my friend.”

I want to share with you my happiness and tell you something about the special person who I may call My Friend

How we become friends??

We knew each other quite long, sometimes we talked, share our normal daily problems. It was a normal acquaintance – nothing special. But one day everything changed. We started talking more often, talking about everything. We shared many daily problems, even quite private. And one day we just felt that we crossed the barrier and we may call each other – Friend.

My Friend is a very special person for me now. I feel that we can share everything, talk about everything, trust each other. She knows how to brighten my day, I still learn how to brighten her days. I try to surprise her sometimes because I like when she feels that she is an amazing person. One day the small word “hi” improves our moods, while the next day we can talk and talk and we cannot stop. Then we send to each other hundreds of messages, and then the next few day we say only “hi.” Crazy friendship, but with lots of happy moments :)

It’s really amazing friendship in my opinion, and I hope she agrees with me. We sometimes upload on each other our daily private problems to feel a bit better, and to feel that we are not alone, even if we are not able to help at the moment. Feelings that somewhere is someone who is thinking about you is helpful.

She is the kindest and the most amazing person I’ve ever met. I feel that I’ve changed my behavior, my way of thinking about many things because of her. I feel that I can fly. I’ve had so many dreams. With her support, I feel that everything is possible.

I must confess that I’m not the perfect friend, with many flaws. However, when I hear that I make her smile, this is the music to my ears. I love when she has a great mood. Her great mood gives me also a lot of energy to finish my work. But when I stopped, and don’t know what should I do next, she often (without asking) gives me many tips how should I work, what should I do/make.
Sometimes she asks me not to do some things because she doesn’t like them. It is difficult for me because on the contrary, I like doing these things. It is difficult, but she is my friend, and I try to respect her wishes.

Yes, I believe in angels, and I believe that she is the angel

I wish you could have similar happy feelings when you talk about your friend.

I hope she will able to read this post one day and will understand what I wanted to say

Thank you my friend that you just are !!!


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