My Big Fear Before Vacation …

I don’t know anyone who doesn’t feel fear. Everyone is afraid of something from time to time.
Many of my friends asked me what the biggest fear was before my summer adventure in America.

It was my first such a long journey. It was the first time I flew the airplane.

I was so excited that I didn’t think about many things.
Some of my friends said that I should be afraid of the flight. Ten hours in a small space might be stressful. I took a book, downloaded lots of songs to my MP3 player. But, the flight wasn’t my biggest fear. It was a great adventure.

Some people said that I’m crazy because I was going to visit many strangers. Hmmm, I was going to visit my friends. They are not strangers so why I should have felt a fear.

My biggest fear was a language – English.

I was afraid of having problems with communications with other people. I couldn’t open a dictionary, I couldn’t just give up and disconnect or leave a class. I thought that people were not be able to understand me. I was afraid that I was not able to understand others.
It was a terrible feeling and before my vacation, I had a few bad moments when I wanted to give up.
I had to find an inner energy to deal with that challenge.
But, very often I spent my time with my friends.
I sometimes needed to ask for help. But people who I met were very friendly. Sometimes we (they or I) had a problem with understanding each other but with a smile on a face, we tried to resolve that challenge.

In Poland we say that “the fear has only big eyes” and now I may say it is the truth. I was afraid of using English because I thought I’m not good enough.

Now I may say that it was a silly fear because I think I was able to manage quite well with using English in my daily life.

What will be / was your biggest fear before a long journey to a different country?


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