Mountains, Desert, or Beach

Mountains, desert, or beach = yesterday one of my friends asked me where would I prefer to be right now.

Summer came a few hours ago. I’m beginning my summer vacation in the next week, so this is the right time to dream.

Three places to spend my free time, and two of them I love. I’ve never been to a desert, so I don’t know if this is a good place for my vacation. I’ve only heard that there is lots of sand and the temperature is very high. I like warm places. However, I think the desert’s temperature will not be right for me. So, now I’m not going to spend my free time on any desert.

Mountains, or beach – on the one hand, it is a difficult choice, on the other hand, this choice is very easy. This is a difficult choice because I love trekking across mountains, and I also love sitting on the beach. Easy one because it depends on the weather. The weather is pleasant to sit on the beach, take a sunbath, and stare at sunsets. Days are long so I may spend them outside. However, now the temperature is great for trekking. This is not a pleasurable feeling when you trek and a temperature is too high. Longer days give a chance to choose longer trails. Only if I could leave everything and go somewhere, I would choose mountains.

Now I’m going to describe in details my choice.

I love mountains. I am fascinated by nature that I can observe during my walks. When I begin my walk, first part of it is a forest. I walk through high trees. I see only high trees, and wild animals from time to time. I hear lots of different birds. Then trees become smaller and smaller. I can finally see mountains and feel a wind that brings a bit different fresh air than in a forest was. Very often this is also a part of my walk when I start fighting with myself, with my body, but I want to reach a peak. I walk through bushes that slowly disappear. I see only grass, and more stones, but still can hear springs and birds. And in one moment I am almost alone, only mountains and I. No grass, no animals, no water, only amazing view. When I reach a mountain peak, I sit somewhere, take a three deep breaths, and try to calm myself. I feel a great satisfaction that I didn’t give up. Seeing astonish view is the most amazing gift for my walk. I love this feeling, and the view as well.

I take a short break – about 10 minutes and time to go back home. It is easier to reach a peak than to go back. I go down and start hearing springs, and birds again. I see grass, bushes, high trees and finally I come back home. I’m always tired, sometimes a bit hungry, but I feel that I did something great. It is also the right time to make plans for the next day and choose the next peak to reach.

What about you?

What would you choose? Where would you want to be right now?

I hope you tell me a bit about your dreams.


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