Jigsaw puzzle

I want to tell you about one of my hobbies.

I like doing a jigsaw puzzle.

It allows me to relax during my free days, but also to check my patience.

Everything began 8 years ago, a few days before my birthday.

My brother asked me what I want to receive as a birthday present. I said that he may buy me a jigsaw puzzle, but it was only a joke. During my birthday party I got a big box. I wondered what he’d bought. I opened it and inside was the jigsaw puzzle. I smiled. Inside were 2000 pieces, and my brother said that it is so easy that I should do it within one month. Believe me, it was impossible.

I needed one and a half year, but now I can see this beautiful view every day:

It took me so much time because I did the sky bit by bit. There were only blue pieces. I didn’t see any differences between them.

After that adventure I’ve loved this activity. Maybe boring, maybe annoying, but funny.

The next jigsaw puzzle I received from my friend. This one was easy to do. In a box were only 500 pieces.

Isn’t this kitty cute and sweet?

Another big box with 1000 pieces I found under a Christmas tree.

My time (more than one month) was worth doing this splendid view.

And again a big box as a birthday present. What could I find inside? The answer was easy – the jigsaw puzzle 🙂

In this box were only 1500 pieces.

It was also a bit difficult image to do, but I don’t complain that I spent a few month to finish it.

I don’t have a favourite picture, I love all of them.

Why do I like doing the jigsaw puzzle?

It relaxes me. I can think about something different than my daily life and its problems. Very often when I do the jigsaw puzzle I find solutions to my daily challenges. I also have unusual pictures on my walls.

Doing the jigsaw puzzle is a great adventure, but time-consuming, and you need lots of space in your room. 🙂


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