Hearts on the beach

Nature knows how to tell you ‘I love you.’

Nature is amazing and often I love observing forms which are created by wind, by water, in general – by nature.

I spent a part of my summer vacation on the seaside.

I had a chance to spend most of my days walking on the beach. I like the feeling when cold waves hit my feet/legs; I like when sand touches my feet and toes.

During my walk, I noticed many interesting stones. Sometimes it was also an enjoyable activity trying to catch unusual stones among many usual stones.

I also noticed that when I had a bad day, I saw more signs which nature gave me to tell me that everything was going to be OK, sooner or later. And I shouldn’t give up on trying to see positives.

Today I want to share with you what I found on the beach:

I hope you liked it.

Don’t you think that nature sometimes knows what we need?


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