Grodziec Castle

Changing plans doesn’t have to mean that you will have a worse day than you expected.

Because of the summer vacation and a great weather I decided to wander through mountains which are close to me. Unfortunately, a huge storm destroyed my plans. Instead of mountains I chose sightseeing an old castle. I like visiting old castles, maybe because I work in an old castle, and I feel some kind of sympathy for old castles.

Grodziec is a small village in south-western Poland. Above the village is the old castle. The Grodziec castle was built on a peak of the old volcano in XII century.

The view from the castle is amazing and you can see things far, far away (about 50 km). No wonder this peak was chosen for the castle.

The castle during the World War II was burnt. Now it is partly in ruins, but fans of the old castles try to restore as many parts of it as possible.

During my visit, I took many photos, so I hope you will enjoy visiting this castle:

I could also see a few chambers in the castle:

In one room is shown equipment which was used to torture people.

You enter this presentation on your own risk:

In the castle is also a hotel if you want to spend a night among the old walls and lots of history. There are also many events connected with historical episodes, knights, and magic, but not only. Because of the amazing views from the castle, beautiful views inside the castle and a mysterious atmosphere many artists decide to create paintings, carvings there and meet with other artists during art-sessions.

The tradition of every old castle is drinking mead and wine which are produced from local honey and grapes.

It was fun to visit this old castle, wander through the old walls which remember so many historical events. On the one hand it’s fun to imagine princess walking inside the castle surrounded by many knights, but on the other hand, it’s sad to know how many people were tortured and killed there. Every part of our history might teach us something new if only we want to listen to.

In my area are many old castles, so probably this one wasn’t the last one I visited. 🙂

Do you have castles in your area? Do you like visiting them?


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