Fulfilling Dreams

Do you think fulfilling your dreams is difficult??

I know it is very difficult. Very often it changes many daily habits. Often you have to sacrifice many things to reach your goals. But believe me, every effort is worth to make it.

I have many dreams, and one of them was passing the next karate exam.

Some of you know that I train karate Shotokan. Two years ago I passed the black belt exam. But in our style, we have 10 black belt levels. This year I could pass the next exam to achieve the next level = 2 DAN.

A week ago I talked with my nephew (he is 10 years old) and I tried to explain why fulfilling dreams is so exciting. He couldn’t understand why I prefer spending my days at a sports hall, at a gym. For him summer vacation means doing nothing, watching TV, lying on the beach and taking a sunbath. Sweating is not funny activity during summer vacation. So, why did I decide to do all these things? My nephew also wanted to know what I will receive after my exam. When I said that this is a satisfaction and the next certificate, he couldn’t believe that I made such a huge effort only for my own satisfaction and a sheet of paper. Some of my friends also don’t understand why I prefer sweating at the gym, instead of having fun on the beach.

I wonder why some people cannot understand that training karate is funny for me. It relaxed me. I love it, and sweating is not as bad as they imagine.

Should I give up, leave all these things? Why?? Only for others satisfaction?? No, this is my life and my dreams.

Question to you = What do fulfilling dreams mean to you?

In most cases when I fulfill my dreams I receive a satisfaction that I was able to do something, to achieve something that is really difficult. At the beginning, I think “I can do it.” Then the way to reach my goals is difficult, with many “give up” moments, thoughts that I could choose a different, easier way. But I like challenges. I’m also a lucky person because I have a few amazing friends who can support me. They are for me when I need them. They have different passions, hobbies and often don’t understand everything that I tell them. But they don’t care, they can listen to me and push for harder work.

A big, expensive car, a luxury cruise = they are on my dreams’ list, but I’m also very happy when I am able to prove myself that I could do something different than other people do.

Am I normal? No.

What does “normal” mean?

For me, normal is passing the next karate exam.

I’ve missed lots of movies, haven’t finished reading many books because I wanted to fulfill one of my dreams.

And yes, I was able to do it.

I passed the next black belt exam, and now I have 2 DAN. :)


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