Fulfilling Dreams Is Possible

I want to share some happy news with you.

How do you feel when you know that many of your dreams are no longer dreams but real plans?

I’m excited Grin.gif I’m dancing from happiness 69.gif

I am very, very happy because many of my dreams will finally come true 113.gif

Recently I wrote a few blog posts about ways to fulfill dreams on the basis of my own experience.

I needed time, I needed (and I still need) money to transform my dreams into real plans. I also needed the help of a few awesome friends.

Now I believe I will have an amazing summer vacation with plenty of interesting adventures.

I also want to apologize that soon I will not be available on the site like I am now.

But, let’s start from the beginning.

Everything started a few years ago. I decided to enroll in an English course to improve my English because I wanted to teach math in English. Then I found EC and realized that I may use English in many different ways. I met many great people and then I had a silly dream = I wanted to meet all of them in person.

But, I needed money, so I decided to save it.

First I wanted to meet people who live in Europe – they live quite close to me so my journeys might not be so expensive.

But I also have a close friend in the USA. We’ve known each other since high school and she often invites me to visit her.

I also have a few EC and LEWWWP friends in America.

So, I had the next silly dream to spend a few days in America.24.gif

One day I stopped and thought that if I do nothing to fulfill my dreams, they will be still only dreams.

I checked what requirements I must fulfill to get to America. I checked how much money I will need. And I started a preparation for my summer vacation. Because I am a full time teacher I may plan longer journeys only during my summer vacations.

It took me about two years, but now I may say it was worth waiting and preparing for that visit.

I’m counting days, now I may even say that I’m counting hours to start my summer vacation’s adventures.

My schedule is chock-full but I still add more and more places to visit to the additional list but I know it will not be possible to see all of them this time.

But, for a while on my visit-list is Chicago, IL where I’ll start my journey. I’m going to spend a few days with my friends there. Then we go to Urbana, IL and a few other places in Illinois.

And who can guess what the next city on my visit-list is??

The next beautiful city which I’m going to sightsee is Charlottesville, VA.

I’m excited because I will have a chance to meet Holly in person Grin.gif69.gif

I’ve known Holly for four years and now I’m counting days to meet her in person. Grin.gif

It is exciting that we will be able to spend a few days together. Grin.gif

But, this is not the end of my journey. I hope I will be able to visit Washington, DC and also swim in the Atlantic Ocean. On my visit-list are many more cities where I’m going to spend at least a few minutes, so I believe I will have lots of incredible pictures and fun stories to share with you after my summer vacation.

So, as you see, fulfilling dreams is possible.

I know it takes time.

I know you need money.

I know how hard you have to work to fulfill some of them, how much effort you must make.

But, if you really want something = don’t give up.

It’s worth fighting for your dreams and changing them into real plans.Grin.gif



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