Donuts day / Fatty Thursday

I love donuts, what about you?

In my country (Poland), there is one beautiful day for some people who love donuts. We call it Fatty Thursday.

Fatty Thursday is the last Thursday before the Lent.

It’s a day on which everyone has to eat at least one donut.

Image result for pączki

You can buy donuts with different fillings I prefer mine with strawberry jam but each donut is yummy.

A few days before that day most people talk about how to prepare donuts, which recipe is not time-consuming, they share different recipes. The main news everywhere is DONUT. The whole day in on every radio station, on any news program, on TV, we listen and we hear about donuts: How to prepare the best ones, where to buy the best ones, where were/are the longest queues.

Most people buy donuts when they go to work, and then share them with workmates. It’s quite a usual view to see lots of donuts on tables in your work place on Fatty Thursday.

You can eat as many donuts as you wish without any remorse.

So, if you missed your chance to eat donuts on last Thursday, don’t worry. I know that in some countries you can do it on the Pancake Tuesday 🙂

Do you have a similar tradition in your country?


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