Do you believe in Santa Claus?

Who is Santa Claus?

Many people will answer that Santa Claus is an old fat man who wears a red – white suit, has a long white beard, and brings presents on Christmas.

Hmm, I may agree with this description, but …

On December 6th, in Poland, we celebrate the Saint Nicholas’ Day. This is rather a day for kids, but I know that many adults have fun during that day, too.

In the morning when kids wake up, they check what is hidden below their pillows. They usually find sweets and small presents.

On many streets, you may meet many “Saint Nicholas.” People often wear red hats just for fun. However, in many places you may receive discounts because you wear a red-white hat. At schools, students don’t have to be prepared for lessons if they wear red-white hats. At work friends also try to make/to give each other small surprises/gifts. It’s a fun day, with many sweets and small gifts.

Now, when I wake up and find something below my pillow I know who put it there. But, it doesn’t mean that I don’t believe in Saint Nicholas (or as many people will say Santa Claus) more.

I believe.

The spirit of joy and a happiness which is around me makes me happier and pushes into believing in miracles. Many good things happen around me and to me. Maybe this is only a coincidence, but for me, it is a bit more than a coincidence.

The spirit which is around me makes these cold winter days warmer and allows to believe that not everyone is bad, and that around me are still good people who may change the world. Many bad things that happened to me in past Decembers, so during the Christmas seasons, changed my life and with the support of others I could make my life better. Maybe a coincidence because they happened before Christmas, maybe something more.

So, yes, I believe in Saint Nicholas / Santa Claus. I believe that he sends some magic dust for each of us. 🙂

Maybe a silly belief and some of you may say that I’m too old to believe in such silly stories, and others will try to convince me that the man in a red-white suit exists only in kids minds, but is it too bad to feel like a kid from time to time?


What about you?

Do you believe in Saint Nicholas / Santa Claus?

Do you decorate your home with toys connected with Christmas?


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