Ceramic dizziness

Do you like using unique dishes?

A few weeks ago I visited a city where many unique ceramics are made, created.

Boleslawiec– this city is known from its amazing handmade ceramics.

There are many, many small factories which create the real art.

These ceramics are known from their blue dots.

Now it is possible that ceramics are colorful, however, the main color is still blue.

This is what I saw during the exhibit (and not all factories were there):


A few years ago I visited one factory and could create one plate for myself. Some factories make “open days” and they show you the whole process. You may also try to prepare one “thing” for yourself. 🙂

Haven’t you want to have one dish in your kitchen now?

How they did it? I found on YouTube a short presentation with the whole process:

Here you can read more about Boleslawiec Pottery, about a history and process of creating these ceramics.

Do you have any questions? I’ll try to answer, and for a while have fun watching again these amazing dishes.


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