Ask, Answer, Repeat … – Elders


In many countries, when someone reaches a certain age, they often go to live in a home with other older people. These homes provide nursing care and daily meals. Sometimes governments pay for this care. Who should be responsible for our elders? Use specific reasons, details, examples in your response.


There are different reasons why young people do not want to think about becoming old, but each of us will retire some day. Because people live longer and longer, caring for our elders is a challenging topic in most countries. In my opinion, a good solution is that each of us may choose our own way of living when we reach a certain age. Some people choose living in their own homes, while others choose living in nursing homes. In those kind of houses people have help, meals, nursing care. Our choice often depends on money, on our health, on our family circumstances.

In my opinion there should be three sources of payment for elder care expenses. I would like to explain my way of thinking.
Most people work during their whole life and pay money to security companies from our salaries to save it to our pension. When we enter retirement, we receive monies from our security system pension. If people choose living at their own homes they have to pay bills from their pension, pay for living expenses, for home help assistant. Instead of living alone, we can spend our old age at retirement homes, and pay for living there. Our pension should be the primary, and the main source of paying for our care there.

The second source should be our government. Unquestionably, most people work quite a long time, and they will work longer and longer because of the development of medicine. Each profession has importance to each country. People create, invent, manufacture lots of useful things on which our government makes money. They need us when we are young and productive. When people are older they need others help, and I think a government should care for our elders and pay to maintain retirement homes. Government monies should be the second source.

I also suggest that our children should be responsible for elders. When people are young, they care for their children. They pay for their education, for their meals, clothes, they nurse them. In my opinion, elder people might expect some help from their children. It is very often a difficult decision to ask our children for any help, especially if we see that they have financial problems, but they should also pay for the upkeep of elders’ houses.

To sum up, every one is responsible for our elders, but each of us is responsible for paying for our own future housing. The primary portion should be our monies, but not only. Our government and children should be also responsible for our final years’ comfort.


What do you think about this topic?

Do you agree with me??

How does it look like in your country?


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