Ask, Answer, Discuss – News Editor

News editors decide what to broadcast on TV and what to print in newspapers. What factors do you think influence their decisions? Use specific reasons, details, examples in your response.

In today’s mostly digital world, where each news spread very quickly, news editor work is challenging. Selection of appropriate news might gather a wider audience, but this selection must depend on many factors. I would like to explain what factors, in my opinion, should influence each news editor.

The first and the most important factor of choice of news should be the type of a TV channel or a newspaper. For example, an editor in a sport channel would not show information about comedy movie actors. People launch sport programs to know more about sport championships which last now, or famous athletes. The same is with columns in newspapers – inside the local news people do not expect information about a weather in other countries.

The second factor, which each of editors should consider, is the time when news will broadcast. When people are at work, they rather do not have a chance to watch TV news or read newspapers. Moreover, the dates are important as well. For example, people want to watch a different type of news during their normal working days, and different during holidays, such as Christmas. I think that seasons should also have some impact on news’ choice. Watching information about summer vacation during winter is not interesting, and will not bring a new audience.

Every news editor should also think about daily events. A stock exchange channel might be one of my examples. People turn on this channel to know more about companies, their value which changes every minute, presidents decisions that cause changes in companies value, and as well daily problems connected with the economy.
The news editors must consider showing news related to the area where it will be shown. People are more interested in news related to their country, area where they live, a city where they work, than news from remote areas.

To conclude, the most important factor that should influence each news editor is the type of newspaper and a TV channel. Then, news editors ought to think about the time, and the date when news will be shown. As well, an area where people will watch news, or read newspapers, is one of the factors which editors should contemplate while preparing news program. I can also add that some impact on editors should have events connected with a type of a TV channel or a newspaper.


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