Ask, Answer, Discuss – Clothes

People behave differently when they wear different clothes.

Each of us likes wearing favorite clothes. Unfortunately, sometimes it is impossible, and we have to wear other shirts, pants than we like. There are many reasons why people behave differently according to the situation. People behave in a different way at work, at school, or when they spend their free time with their family or friends. I agree with the main statement. I would like to explain my point of view.

People dislike when others say what they should wear. This situation is common in big companies like banks. These companies employees have to wear the special suits. I think the formal attire have an impact on our behavior at work. You cannot behave as a child in a playground, you should behave as an adult. If your customers see that you are suitably attired, they expect that you will treat them with the respect. You are more responsible for your behavior, and do not want others will think you are not mature enough to do your work.

Leisure time is your time. You decide what you should wear. Very often people wear casual T-shirts, sport shoes to take a break. You feel more relaxed in informal clothes. You also very often may behave differently. You may run, play with your children in a playground. Also sitting on your couch and reading a book is more pleasurable. It is a different expectation towards you, and your behavior when you are wearing your informal clothes. Our moves are easier, more comfortable in a favorite shirt.

To conclude, clothes change your behavior. It also changes others expectation towards you and your behavior. Very often we wear our favorite clothes because we feel that we have the power to decide of ourselves. In some clothes, we feel better than in other. Our feelings have an impact on our behavior. Sometimes the formal suit is uncomfortable what annoys us. When we are angry, we might hurt others. In favorite shirts, pants we fell happier. A happy person is more likely to help others and doesn’t want to hurt other people. In other words, our suit influences our daily behavior in many situations.


What do you think about clothes which you wear??

Do they really may change your behavior?? Or maybe it does not have any influence on you, your behavior.


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