A Snowman story …

Once upon a time there was a book filled in 1000 puzzle pieces …

In my calendar, January 11 is called a Story Day, so I decided to tell you a story how to build a snowman.

A few weeks ago a mysterious elf with the Santa couple put below my Christmas tree an interesting book. When I opened it I discovered that this was not a real book, but a box filled in puzzle pieces.

I love puzzle so immediately I decided to put all these pieces together to get an amazing picture.

When I started I also decided to take photos of some steps of my work.

Today I finished my work, created this short movie that tells a story How to build a Snowman and I hope you will have fun while watching it:

Questions and/or comments are welcomed.

PS. Now, the next box with 4000 puzzle pieces is waiting for me.

thanks my little awesome elf for this fun


2 thoughts on “A Snowman story …

  1. the thoughtful wolf

    You are so imaginative, Joanna! If I ever get my WP blog going, I know who to come to for help. 🙂


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