A letter to my students

Have you ever received a letter from your teacher?

A year ago one of my friends shared a link to the article about a teacher who had written a letter to her students before their exams.

The article

I read this article and thought that it was a great idea. But, I wasn’t able to do it last year because my students had written their final exams earlier than I read this article. I promised myself that I do it this year.

And I did it.

I wrote a similar letter as the teacher from the article did.

I mentioned many good and valuable skills my students have.

I mentioned some interesting and fun moments from our classes.

I mentioned some of the pleasant moments from their private lives they shared with us.

I wished them good luck.

I tried to cheer them up.

Then I folded each letter, sealed it, and wrote a name on every letter.

My students were quite surprised.

Some of them even joked that they couldn’t believe I might like them.

And I hope one day they’ll share some of their thoughts, feelings about these letters with me.

I talked with them after their exams and they were quite satisfied with their work. Let’s see .. they will know the results in June.

The first day of exams students have exams from history, civic education, art, and Polish language. The second day are exams from science and math. The third day are exams from a foreign language.

I think I’ll write similar letters in the next year.


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