85 sentences

What do you do to improve your English?

How do you practice your English every day?

I want to share one tip with you but must start the whole story from the beginning.

A few weeks ago, during one of my English classes I made a few similar mistakes. A teacher said in jest that I should write 85 sentences and try to use the grammar rules correctly.

A few days after that class I was in a mood for making jokes. Rainy day, nothing interesting on TV, so I decided to create a list with 85 sentences.

At the beginning it was a funny activity, and quite easy. After a few sentences fun evolved into a serious English lesson. I also felt that I caught myself in a trap. It wasn’t as easy to finish the list as I thought. I don’t like to give up, so I decided to finish these 85 sentences.

After reviewing this list with the teacher a few new mistakes were pointed out. I also noticed a few errors which I repeat quite often.

I decided to prepare a list with sentences connected with my problems, but this time on the list were less than 85 sentences. 🙂

And again, the next English class with reviewing sentences, talking about the grammar rules, finding new mistakes.

This situation is similar to some situations with my students.

Sometimes they ask me how many examples they have to do to understand how to solve one problem. My automated response is = 150, and then you need to solve 151 more examples to learn how to solve that problem without a hesitation.

So, why not to use my own tip? Maybe not to write 150 sentences, nor 85, but maybe 9, or 10. Sentences with only one grammar problem. Then repeat that exercise after a few days/two weeks to see whether I remember a grammar rule which I have wanted to learn.

It takes my time and my teacher time. Sometimes it is difficult to create interesting sentences, but I do it while I watch movies, listen to music, observe nature. Some of my sentences are silly, but this is not a problem. More important is the lesson which I receive every time.

My tip: If you have a problem with some grammar rules, first try to read something about these grammar rules, or ask your teachers, friends about an explanation and a few examples. Then take a sheet of paper, a pencil and try to create 7, maybe 12, or 21 sentences to check whether you can use the grammar rules correctly.

You may ask your teacher/friend to check and review with you sentences which you wrote. After a few days try to repeat this activity.

It really helps to improve your English and doesn’t take lots of your time.

Remember :


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